Where can I take my motorhome on holiday?

There are rule and regulations you will need to know about to make your time in a motorhome a success.

Camper Van Glen Etive
Photo by Jack Anstey on Unsplash

So the first thing many people ask regarding campervans and motorhomes is where are you legally allowed to park and sleep over in the UK.

Camp and parking sites

So, throughout the UK is a network of well-maintained sites specifically for tourers in campervans and motorhomes. This is where they vast majority of people who use campervans and motorhomes will stay.

They come with basic facilities, showers, toilets, power and often provide entertainment. Planning is everything with using these facilities on your holiday. Booking ahead and reserving spaces is necessary. Especially with the massive demand now for campervan holidays.

These are going to provide the backbone of a typical holiday.

Off Site

So we have to remember that pretty much everywhere in the UK is a piece of land that is owned by someone and typically it all comes down to what the owner will allow to happen on their land. And the rules often come down to the local authority and they can vary throughout the UK.


So if the layby is owner privately and the owner is OK then that is fine, but that means you need to have gained the permission prior to parking up.

Laybys are often owned by the local authority, and they might have issues with overnight stays.

Road Network

So, there is no specific law that says that someone cannot park on the road network and sleep overnight, the vehicle is after all taxed and insured and has a right to use the road network unhindered. It's really down to if you want to pursue a campervan holiday living on a road.

Car Parks

I'm going to come out and say something unsurprising in that they don't want you on their carpark, and you probably don't want to stay outside the local Lidl for 2 weeks. Best avoided all round

Think about your environment.

There sadly is an element of campervan drivers that want to park anywhere and not keep the environment clean. We have all heard news about ad hoc sites becoming busy and not having the facilities. The grounds become littered with rubbish and human waste. Sites like this will only increase restrictions from local councils so we all have a duty to help keep the freedoms we currently have for future generations of camper van enthusiasts.