What types of motorhome are available to hire?

Motor homes come in different sizes with different costs, we look at the basic types available

Motorhome with porche
Photo by Alexander Schimmeck on Unsplash

There are many different types of motor home, we go though each one...

A-class motorhomes

These are what most people would consider to be the real motorhome, large, spacious and usually with a budget to match. With a cab that is fully integrated into the motorhome they have drop down beds and insulation. Berths typically range from 2 up to 7 and prices are from about £50k.

The down side is that they are very large and can be difficulty on narrow roads. You would need nerves of steel driving on down some UK country roads.

Overcab Bed Motorhomes

These are typically very family focused motohomes, with beds above the main cab. This was the typical motohome from previous days.

Low-profile Coach built Motorhomes

As an alternative to the overcab motorhome these have the beds in the back rather than above the cab.

High-top Campervans

Converted vans these come with extra headroom and storage. Budgets are varied and layouts can be basic at the lower level.

Rising Roof Campervans

With a roof that pushes up to give more space these are ideal on a budget. Downsides are that they are not suitable for cold weather as the material is uninsulated.

Fixed Roof Campervans

These are the most basic of campervans, not that much different to a real van they are equipped to move and give a place to sleep. These are priced at the lowest level and can be a great starter vehicle.