How much is it to hire a motorhome?

We go through some of the typical motorhomes you might want and their prices.

Wild Campervan
Photo by Tobias Weinhold on Unsplash

To hire a campervan depends on a few things but the main ones are what time of year and how many berths the motorhome has.

Vehicle Hire

For a basic campervan in low season, say a 2 berth campervan you could be looking at that starting from 300 a week. Interested in for something that will take your family on holiday in summer in a decent level of luxury, well that could be anything up to 2,000.


Campervans are not exactly light and with a basic home on the back they are more box than the slick aerodynamic executive cars of today. Miles per gallon for the bulk of campervans are between 25 and 35.

With full costs higher than ever just now it is important to check the efficiency of your vehicle and think of how much it will cost for your route. Remember cutting the load you take will also increase the fuel efficiency.

Overnight stays

You need to park up at night and the best place for that is a camp site that caters for these types of vehicle. That will incur a cost so make sure you plan that into your journey.

While the costs on paper may look expensive remember you can take your own food and prepare it in the van.