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Katmarano 1 (6 berth)

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I will report this case directly from the case book.

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Tuberculosis Map. — Assistant Health ' Commissioner C.

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pleasure ; and the whole body is kept in a fresh, active, and healthy

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cation, many recovering with movable joints, remaining in splints

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searches, and to present the readers of the Monthly as complete a

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twice as long as thick, with rounded ends and arranged in ]\arallel

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Douolas Verral Currey, 272 St. Paul Street, St. Catharines;

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agree ; but it must be remembered that medical ophthalmoscopy is

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face, a weak pulse, great depression, and incessant vomiting ; the

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that there is no such increase of insanity in England and Wales as to cause

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appearance under the microscope, and showed scattered

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Fatal Cases op Thrombosis and Embolism in Surgical Practice.

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or becomes somewhat furred ; there is loss of appetite, sometimes sick-

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Bienstock (B.) Ueber die Bacteiien der Faces. Fort-

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interviews, his patient began to speak to Dr. Gray of a certain

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different manner. In the last two or three years, he

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I safe and reliable guide to the modern practice of

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gastric crises. The autopsy revealed the characteristic lesions of tabes,

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British Medical Journal of October 7, 1905, and by Sir