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Katmarano 1 (6 berth)

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duration, 2 years ; severity, 1. [Four sittings ; complete relief.*]
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excoriated or ulcerated. The crusts contain innumerable acari and ova,
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epinephrine and norepinephrine are secreted by the ____________________ of the adrenal medulla
206. Account of a Cose of Resection of the Shoulder and Elbow-Joints in the same
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convulsions, convulsive movements of particular parts, chorea-like affec-
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the diagnosis, and in cases occurring when there is no epidemic the diagnosis
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disease which causes pressure. I mean neuro-retinitis or choked
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acute form of the disease. A female, born in 1863, of sound peasant
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Symptoms, with Siihacute Catarrh of the Tympanum. — A clerk,
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and of fair tension, 85 to 90 per minute. The right side of the heart
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1859. •Raynee, John, M.D., Swaledale House, Highbury-quadrant, N.
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tes fisicos y quimicos puestos en uso en las varias
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' Reprinted by permission of H.M. Stationery- Office. — Ed.
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as their frequency of presentation are: edema (24%),
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hock, arising from disease of the tendon of the flexor pedis per-
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showed that the vasomotor paralysis was a central and not a peri-
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mucous, medullary, or osseous; or else that, vice versa, mucous or
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text which will appear in the May No. of the College Journal.
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bad. Trousseau declared that he never knew a case to be cured. It will
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